Climate modelling depends on a significant amount of infrastructure: from the models themselves to the computing and data infrastructure. This tripod of models, computing, and data – with all the connecting workflow, network, and tools – needs to be well documented and depends on the central role of people with expertise in climate science, model and software development.

The strategy documents present the strategy of the ENES research infrastructure. They have been elaborated as part of the IS-ENES projects and encompass recommendations for the different components of ENES research infrastructure.

The EU funded IS-ENES projects, the “InfraStructure for the European Network for Earth System modelling”, launched in 2009, aim at further integrating the climate modelling and facilitate access to climate model data from international experiments and to software. Since 2015, IS-ENES activities are complemented by the EU funded ESIWACE projects, the “Center of Excellence in Simulation for Weather and Climate in Europe”, with a focus on high-performance computing.

ENES research infrastructure provides a range of services through its funded projects IS-ENES and ESiWACE.


Documents the ENES research infrastructure strategy

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Services on models, tools and HPC

Provides access to datasets from international intercomparison projects

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Services on climate model data

Provides access to software and services

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