ENES Models-Tools-HPC Task Force

ENES has set up the Models-Tools-HPC Task Force (MTHPC-TF) to gather and express community needs and to organise the community around the common development of Models and Tools, and general HPC issues.

The ENES Models-Tools-HPC Task Force (MTHPC-TF) serves the needs of the European large-scale climate modelling community and aims to advise on issues relevant to

  • the common development of Earth System Models (ESMs) and ESM components,
  • the common development of infrastructure tools for ESMs, and
  • High-performance computing (HPC) for weather and climate models.

HPC issues are addressed specifically in the context of common European facilities, such as EuroHPC. The ENES MTHPC-TF is serving common infrastructure projects, like ESiWACE3. It makes the link with the numerical weather prediction (NWP) community and other climate modelling activities.

The MTHPC-TF supports the development of climate models and development and governance of related community infrastructure software, coordinated climate modelling activities, e.g. WCRP, and the underpinning computational infrastructure, and the shaping, access and efficient use of European HPC systems for simulation and data analysis for climate research.

To this end, the MTHPC-TF engages in activities like

  • maintaining and developing the interaction channels within the community, for example contributing to the ENES HPC workshops and newsletters,
  • gathering the community requirements on model/tool development and HPC,
  • providing input for development of relevant strategies (within, across, and outside the ENES community),
  • organising community interaction with European HPC providers and programmes (such as EuroHPC and similar entities), and
  • tracking the technology evolution influencing the software of community interest and interacting with HPC vendors.

Members of ENES HPC-TF are, as of February 2024:

  • Mario Acosta (BSC)
  • Fanny Adloff (DKRZ)
  • Joachim Biercamp (DKRZ)
  • Francisco Doblas-Reyes (BSC)
  • Italo Epicoco (CMCC)
  • Uwe Fladrich (SMHI) - CHAIR
  • Sylvie Joussaume (IPSL)
  • Bryan Lawrence (NCAS)
  • Olivier Marti (IPSL)
  • Jean-Christophe Rioual (Met Office)
  • Will Sawyer (CSCS)
  • Sophie Valcke (Cerfacs) - CO-CHAIR
  • Pier Luigi Vidale (NCAS)
  • Nils Wedi (ECMWF)