The European Network for Earth System Modelling

The European Network for Earth System modelling, ENES, was launched in 2001. It gathers the community working on Earth’s climate system modelling with the aim to accelerate progress in this field. This community is strongly involved in the assessments of the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) and provides those predictions, on which EU mitigation and adaptation policies are elaborated.

This portal, established and maintained by IS-ENES (Infrastructure for ENES), aims to provide information on ENES projects.

It also provides information on ENES research infrastructure. Services are provided through the IS-ENES providing access to key model data and software, complemented by ESIWACE projects with services on enhancing performance on High-performance computers.

About ENES

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Access to services

ENES Services on climate model data and services models, tools and high-performance computing

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The ENES projects

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