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Welcome to the ENES Portal

last modified Dec 03, 2015 04:03 PM

This portal is part of the infrastructure provided by the European Network for Earth System modelling. It provides information and services on the European Earth System Models and some associated tools, on data produced by internationally coordinated climate model experiments and on the use of high-performance computing facilities to run complex climate simulations.

It is intended to be a portal for the climate modelling community, but also for all the communities interested in using climate models results. In particular the ENES portal provides access to a specific interface dedicated to the communities working on impacts of climate change.

The ENES portal has been developed as a prototype within the FP7 project IS-ENES, and is currently being maintained through the follow-on project IS-ENES2 (InfraStructure for ENES). The IS-ENES2 website can be found here.

Click here for an overview of the services ...link to the infrastructure strategy of ENES