ENES Data Task Force

The Data Task Force of the European Network for Earth Simulation (ENES) aims to advise on all issues relevant to data infrastructure necessary to support and exploit Earth’s climate system simulation in Europe. Within the scope of ENES, it deals with data and metadata standards, and the computing and services necessary to exploit Earth’s climate system simulation (and related) data and information within both the simulation and wider communities. Responsibilities include advising on, and where possible, organising computing and network infrastructure, software tools, procedures, standards, related quality control and assurance, and data citation, as these apply to European collaboration and European participation in global activities.

The ENES Data-TF is consulted on strategic issues such as:

  • Providing input on the ENES data infrastructure strategy.
  • Coordinating European climate simulation data infrastructures: identifying gaps and possible synergies, providing a forum for data providers and users, overseeing the sustainability of the joint European data infrastructures.
  • Advising and Representing ENES in international coordination activities and in the deployment of international climate data infrastructure — both within Europe and beyond. Leading and co-leading European and International climate-related activities on standards.
  • Establishing and promulgating common European positions dealing with data, metadata services and the necessary software and services.

Members of ENES Data-TF are, as of July 2022:

  • Fanny Adloff (DKRZ)
  • Antonio Cofiño (CSIC)
  • Sandro Fiore (University of Trento)
  • Sylvie Joussaume (IPSL)
  • Martin Juckes (CEDA)
  • Philip Kershaw (CEDA)
  • Stephan Kindermann (DKRZ)
  • Michael Lautenschlager (DKRZ) - CHAIR
  • Bryan Lawrence (NCAS)
  • Guillaume Levavasseur (IPSL)
  • Paola Nassisi (CMCC)
  • Grigory Nikulin (SMHI)
  • Christian Pagé (Cerfacs)
  • Alessandro Spinuso (KNMI)