High-Performance Computing (HPC) Workshops

This series of workshops brings together leading international researchers and practitioners on the topic of provisioning and using HPC for Earth System Models. Launched in 2011 by IS-ENES, it has, since then, been supported by IS-ENES and/or ESiWACE projects.

1Workshop on dynamical cores for climate models (Dec 2011, Lecce)
2IS-ENES workshop on HPC for Climate Models (Jan 2013, Toulouse)
3Exascale Technologies & Innovation in HPC for Climate Models (Mar 2014, Hamburg)
4ENES Workshop on High Performance Computing for Climate and Weather (April 2016, Toulouse)
55th ENES HPC Workshop (May 2018, Lecce)
66th ENES HPC Workshop (May 2020, virtual)
77th ENES HPC workshop (Mai 2022, Barcelona)