Services on climate model data

Following its missions, ENES has developed services to facilitate access to climate model data from model intercomparison projects.

As quoted in the ENES infrastructure strategy of 2012:

“Model Inter-comparison Projects (or MIPs) provide three key tools for improving and exploiting Earth system models: methods of evaluating model skill (in comparative terms), methods of improving complex process understanding, and finally, of providing projections for the future”

Access to WCRP internationally coordinated experiments, extensively used in IPCC Assessment reports:

  • CMIP: simulations with global climate models of the Coupled Model Intercomparison Project (CMIP3, CMIP5, CMIP6), and
  • CORDEX: simulations with regional climate models, downscaled from CMIP simulations, of the Coordinated Regional Climate Downscaling Experiments (CORDEX-CMIP5) As part of the H2020 IS-ENES3 project

Training and youtube tutorials are also available on IS-ENES3 project website

Other intercomparison projects:

  • DYAMOND, first intercomparison of global storm-resolving models As part of the H2020 ESiWACE2 project