The infrastructure strategy for ENES 2012-2022: mid-term update 2017

Joussaume S., Lawrence B. and Guglielmo F. (2017), Update of the ENES infrastructure strategy 2012-2022, ENES Report Series 2, 20 pp.

The second phase of IS-ENES, the IS-ENES2 project, started implementing the ENES infrastructure recommendations and updated the 2012 document (see below) with an analysis of drivers and infrastructure components in the context of 2017. This effort confirms previous recommendations with partial reformulations based on a combination of progress and evolving requirements and provides guidance on scientific evaluation of models and emphasizes the need to organizationally tackle the sustainability challenge.

The 2017 recommendations are:

1. On models: Support common development and sharing of software and accelerate the preparation for exascale computing by exploiting next generation hardware and developing appropriate algorithms, software infrastructures, and workflows.

2. On HPC: Exploit a blend of national and European high-performance facilities to support current and next generation science and work toward obtaining sustained access to world-class resources and next generation architectures.

3. On model data: Evolve towards a sustained data infrastructure providing data that are easily available, well-documented and quality assured, and further invest in research into data standards, workflow, high performance data management and analytics.

4. On physical network: Work to maximize the bandwidth between the major European climate data and compute facilities and ensure that documentation and guidance on tools and local network setup are available to users.

5. On people: Grow the numbers of skilled scientists and software engineers in the ENES community, increase opportunities for training at all levels, and strengthen networking between software engineers.

6. On model evaluation (new): Enhance sharing of common open source diagnostics and model evaluation tools, implement governance procedures, and expand data infrastructure to include computational resources needed for more systematic evaluation of model output.

7. On infrastructure sustainability (new): Sustain the cooperation necessary to develop future model and data technology and support international reference experiments programmes, and strengthen collaboration with other European actors providing services to, or using services from, ENES.

The infrastructure strategy for ENES 2012-2022

Mitchell J., Budich R., Joussaume S., Lawrence B. and Marotzke J. (2012), Infrastructure strategy for the European Earth System Modelling community 2012-2022, ENES Report Series 1, 33 pp.

In 2012, ENES published its infrastructure strategy (IS-ENES project) for the decade to come to support European climate research for seasonal to centennial climate predictions. This research also provides the scientific basis for climate services.