Sixth Workshop on Coupling Technologies for Earth System Models (CW2023)

The 6th Workshop on Coupling Technologies for Earth System Models (CW2023) was held in an hybrid format on January 18-20, 2023 at the “Centre International de Conférences” on Météo-France campus in Toulouse, France. The workshop has been recorded and is available on the IS-ENES3 YouTube channel, under the dedicated playlist.

The full programme is available here

The final version of the Questions & Answers document is available here.

Sophie ValckeOASIS3-MCT_5.0, the latest version of the OASIS coupler
Stefan PollLand-atmosphere coupling with ICON and CLM5.0 in TSMP using OASIS3-MCT
Robert JacobMCT and MOAB in E3SM
Daniel RosenLatest developments in ESMF
Tom CluneMAPL3: A hierarchical framework based on ESMF
Mariana VertensteinInfrastructure for next generation community models using ESMF/NUOPC
Ufuk TuruncogluTowards an Exchange Grid Implementation within the UFS
  • Thursday, January 19th Session 2: Coupled Systems / Science of Coupling I (Video recording)
Tomoko NittaMIROC-ILS coupling: Coupling multiple land component models to an atmosphere and ocean model with Jcup
Juan C. M. SanchezThe UKC3 regional coupled model
Vincenzo de TomaPrognostic Schemes of Skin Sea Surface Temperature for ocean-atmosphere coupled regional modeling
Nagaraju ChiluktoiAn Assessment of coupling of CFS model with SSiB Land surface model on regional Climate

Session 3: Coupled Systems / Science of Coupling II (Video recording)

Quentin DesmetRegCM-OASIS-Symphonie air-sea couping in Southeast Asia: development, parameterization and strategy
Carsten LemmenModeling systems in modeling systems in modeling systems - FABM in SCHISM in CoastalApp
Stefan JendersieMaintaining hydrostatic stability when coupling ROMS’ ice shelf to an ice sheet model
Olivier MartiTime schemes at the ocean-atmosphere interface

Session 4: Performance (Video recording)

Jan StreffingHigh resolution coupling with OpenIFS-FESOM2
Kristian MorgensenCoupling at scale: Experiences from the INCITE project
Sergi PalomasAutomatic approach to balance coupled ESMs
Arnaud CaubelEnsemble simulations with IPSL climate model
  • Friday, January 20th

Session 5: Coupling Framework II (Video recording)

Bert JagersStatus update on BMI core and extensions
Li LiuC-Coupler3: an integrated coupler infrastructure for Earth system modelling
Uwe FladrichAutomating the Coupling Configuration for EC-Earth4
Yann MeurdesoifXIOS-3 : Toward a new infrastructure of HPC services and model coupling
Moritz HankeUpdate on YAC and coupled high resolution ICON-ESM
Caroline ArnoldFortran-Python Bridge for Machine Learning Applications in Earth System Models

The CW2023 Program Committee (

  • Anthony Craig, Software Consultant
  • Rocky Dunlap, National Center for Atmospheric Research
  • Steve Easterbrook, University of Toronto
  • Robert Jacob, Argonne National Laboratory
  • Bert Jagers, Deltares
  • Li Liu, Tsinghua University
  • Kristian Mogensen, ECMWF
  • Jean-Christophe Rioual, UK Met Office
  • Sophie Valcke, Cerfacs
  • Mariana Vertenstein, National Center for Atmospheric Research
  • Niki Zadeh, Geophysical Fluid Dynamics Laboratory

This workshop is funded by the EU H2020 IS-ENES3 project and co-organised with the Argonne National Laboratory.