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Running the models in parallel with OASIS3

To run “model1” and “model2” in parallel, the number of processes has to be modified in the launching procedure and in the configuration file.

  • Specify for example “nproc_exe1=3”, “nproc_exe2=3” in the script run_tutorial.
  • In oasis3/examples/tutorial, launch “run_tutorial” which then adapts the “namcouple” configuration file (see lines below $CHANNEL keyword) and launches the models on 3 processes each.
  • Keep your results by renaming /work_tutorial into /work_tutorial_B
  • Visually compare the results with the non-parallel case A.


OASIS3 supports different parallel decompositions for the models (see OASIS3 User Guide, section 4.3). Tutorial routine oasis3_data_shape.F90 can define the local partition for the BOX or the APPLE decompositions. By default, the BOX decomposition is used. To test the APPLE decomposition, recompile the tutorial models with, in Makefile: “CPPKEYDECOMP_M1=DECOMP_APPLE” or “CPPKEYDECOMP_M2=DECOMP_APPLE”. In this case, the results in subdirectory /work_tutorial have to be visualized with ferret scripts script_ferret_*_apple.jnl . Note that in this example, OASIS3 itself still runs on 1 process; to run OASIS3 in a pseudo-parallel mode, see C.

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