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Compiling and running tutorial with OASIS3 in pseudo-parallel mode

If more than one OASIS3 executable is used in a coupled model, one configuration file per executable must be provided by the user and the files must be named namcouple_x where x is the number of the corresponding OASIS3 executable; each OASIS3 executable will treat the coupling fields described in its configuration file namcouple_x, resulting in a pseudo-parallelisation of OASIS3 on a field-per-field basis. Note that in this case, OASIS3 must be recompiled with the CPP key use_oasis_para  and that this mode is available only with the MPI1 CLIM communication technique. To test this option with the tutorial coupled model:

  • Go into directory oasis3/util/make_dir
  • Modify your platform header makefile “make.pgi_cerfacs” to activate the CPP key use_oasis_para
  • Recompile by typing “make realclean –f TopMakefileOasis3” and “make oasis3_psmile –f TopMakefileOasis3”
  • Go into directory oasis3/examples/tutorial ; put “run_oasis3_para=1” in the script run_tutorial
  • Recompile the models with “make clean” and “make”
  • Execute “run_tutorial”, which then starts toyocn, toyatm and two instances of the OASIS3 executable. Two namcouple files, i.e. “namcouple_0” and “namcouple_1” are copied to the working directory and respectively used by each OASIS executable.
  • Keep your results by renaming /work_tutorial into /work_tutorial_C
  • Compare the results obtained with A
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