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Tutorial of OASIS3

Toy used during the training on OASIS3:

    The "tutorial" toy should reproduce the coupling between two simple models, model1 and model2, with the OASIS coupler. The source files to be completed are found in the directory oasis3/examples/tutorial. The time step of the two models is 3600 sec and the run is of 6 hours, with a coupling period of 2 hours. The "model1" runs on a logically-rectangular (182x149) grid and "model2" runs on a logically-rectangular (96x72) grid. At each coupling exchange, "model1" (see model1.F90) receives the field "FRECVOCN", e.g. its boundary conditions produced by "model2", and "model2" receives the field "FRECATM", e.g. its boundary conditions produced by "model1". At the end of the time step, "model1" sends its coupling field "FSENDOCN" to "model2" and "model2" sends its coupling field "FSENDATM" to "model1"; "model1" also outputs to a file the field "FOCNWRIT", which is the same field than "FSENDOCN".

    To download OASIS3 and tutorial sources, please fill in this registration form. Then we recommend that you go through the following steps:

    A. Compiling and running «tutorial » with OASIS3

    B. Running the models in parallel with OASIS3

    C. Compiling and running tutorial with OASIS3 in pseudo-parallel mode

    D. Compiling and running tutorial "tutorial" with a ping_pong exchange of the coupling fields

    E. Optimising a coupled model using the SEQ index

    See the results here

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