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Tutorial of OASIS3-MCT

These toys are used during the training on OASIS3-MCT

To download OASIS3-MCT, tutorial, test_interpolation and test_1bin_ocnice sources, please fill in this registration form. Then we recommend that you go through the steps below.

Tutorial: /oasis3-mct/examples/tutorial (see document tutorial.pdf)

The "tutorial" coupled model should reproduce the coupling between two simple models, model1 and model2, with the OASIS3-MCT coupler. The source files to be adapted are in directory oasis3-mct/examples/tutorial.

After the modifications you will bring following the steps below, the "tutorial" toy model should reproduce the coupling between two simple codes, model1 and model2, with the OASIS3-MCT coupler. Note that after modifications, your sources model1.F90, model2.F90 and data_oasis3/namcouple should be similar to what you can find in  model1.F90_TP, model2.F90_TP and data_oasis3/namcouple_TP. If you want to run directly the coupled configuration without modifying yourself the sources, just copy the *_TP sources removing the _TP suffix, recompile model1 and model2, adapt run_tutorial to your platform and execute this script.

Test_interpolation: oasis3-mct/examples/test_interpolation (see document test_interpolation.pdf)

The test_interpolation environment offers a practical example on how to use OASIS3-MCT_4.0 to pre-calculate (i.e. in a separate job prior to the “real” simulation) the remapping weight&address file with an hybrid MPI/OpenMP environment.

This environment allows also the user to tests the quality of the interpolation between a source grid and a target grid by calculating the error of interpolation on the target grid. In this coupled system, each model runs only one time step and the coupling is performed at t=0. At t=0, model1 sends its coupling field "FSENDANA" to model2 that receives it and calculate the error. 

Test_1bin_ocnice : oasis3-mct/examples/test_1bin_ocnice (see document test_1bin_ocnice.pdf)

This toy model reproduces the coupling between 5 sub-components of component “ocnice” in the “ocnice” executable. Two sub-components, defining grids with respectively a “partocn_phys” partition and a “partocn_dyna” partition, run sequentially on tasks 0-8 and exchange coupling fields. These two sequential sub-components run concurrently with and exchange coupling fields with a third sub-component defining a grid with partition “partice_ice” on tasks 9-14. Two additional sub-components, running sequentially and defining grids with partitions “partio_ocn” and “partio_ice” on task 15, run concurrently with and exchange coupling fields with the first 3 sub-components.


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