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Coupled models using OASIS3-MCT

# Your institution Your country The OASIS version you are using The component models you are coupling with OASIS The platform you are using OASIS on and compilers you are using The project(s) your coupled model is involved in
1 Harokopio University of Athens (HUA) Greece OASIS3-MCT_3.0 ['Atmospheric model WRF-ARW (Version 3.8) and ocean wave model WAM (Version 4.5.4)'] ['1. IBM NeXtScale nx360 M4 (More at: http://doc.aris.grnet.gr/hardware/)'; ''; '2. 5-nodes cluster with Intel(R) Xeon(R) E31230'] ['PhD thesis in dynamical air-sea interaction. Part of PhD thesis was funded by Hellenic Center for Marine Research (HCMR).']
2 Deutscher Wetterdienst Germany OASIS3-MCT2 ['COSMO-CLM and NEMO'] ['Cray; xc40'] ['MIKLIP II; Copernicus Project NOCO']
3 Max-Planck-Institut für Meteorology Germany OASIS3-MCT ['ECHAM6 and MPIOM'] [] ['OASIS3-MCT is part of MPI-ESM1. This is used in CMIP5; partially in CMIP6 and several national and international projects.']
4 Japan Agency for Marine-Earth Science and Technology (JAMSTEC) Japan OASIS3 ['ECHAM5 and NEMO3(OPA9.0)'] ['Earth Simulator (NEC SX-ACE); SGI ICE-X'] ['* JAMSTEC main research plan'; '* JSPS KAKENHI Grant 15K17769'; '* JST-JICA SATREPS'; '* the Environment Research and Technology Development Fund (2\xe2\x80\x93'; '1405) of the Ministry of the Environment in Japan'; '* iDEWS project supported by SATREPS Program of JICA/AMED in Japan and ACCESS (NRF/DST) in South Africa.']
5 National Institute of Water and Atmospheric Research (NIWA) New Zealand OASIS2.5_MCT ['HadGEM3-A; NEMO; CICE'] ['IBM P6'] ['Chemistry-climate modelling; Earth System modelling.']
6 LACy La Réunion; France OASIS3-MCT 2 and OASIS3-MCT 3 ['M\xc3\xa9so-NH; WW3; MARS3D'] ["caparmor (IFREMER); titan (R\xc3\xa9union's University); locally on PC and on Beaufix soon."] ['CALHYCO']
7 CNRM - Meteo-France/CNRS France OASIS-MCT 3.0; OASIS3 ['The externalized surface platform SURFEX that is common to the global and regional atmospheric models (ARPEGE-Climat and ALADIN-Climat)'; 'NEMO both for regional versions (NEMOMED8; NEMOMED12) and global versions'; 'CTRIP river routing model'] ['Meteo-France Bull'; 'ECMWF Cray'] ['For the seasonal forecasting model : EUROSIP; COPERNICUS C3S - 433; FP7 SPECS; WCRP S2S; ANR ACASIS'; 'For the global climate model : FP7 PREFACE; H2020 CRESCENDO'; 'For the regional Euro-Mediterranean model : ANR ASICS-MED; ANR REMEMBER; ITN MARmaED / Programs : HyMeX; Charmex; Mermex; Med-CORDEX']
8 Karlsruhe Institute of Technology Germany OASIS3-MCT2 ['COSMO-CLM (Regional Climate Model); VEG3D (Land Surface Model)'] ['Hazelhen (HLRS Stuttgart); Mistral (DKRZ Hamburg)'] ['MiKlip (BMBF funded)']
9 Ifremer France OASIS-MCT3.0 ['MNH model (atmosphere); MARS (ocean); WW3 (waves)'] [] ['MEDDE AMICO; AMICO-next']
10 IPSL climate modelling centre France OASIS3-MCT; OASIS3 ['LMDZ (atmospheric model); NEMO (ocean model) in two versions of the coupled model IPSLCM5 and IPSLCM6'] ['Curie Thin Node (TGCC)'; 'Curie Fat Node (TGCC)'; 'Ada (IDRIS)'] ['IPSLCM5 was used in CMIP5 project and other projects from paleoclimate to decadal studies'; 'IPSLCM6 will be used in CMIP6 project and other projects from paleoclimate to decadal studies']
11 Royal Dutch Meteorological Institute (KNMI) Netherlands OASIS3-MCT; OASIS3 ['IFS; NEMO; TM5'] ['BullX'] ['CMIP6; SPECS; IS-ENES2 amongst others']
12 Beijing Orobot Tech Company China OASIS3-MCT ['WRF; NEMO'] ['Linux_Ifort'] ['Innovation Grant for Enterprise']
13 ETHZ Switzerland Recently updated to latest version OASIS3-MCT ['ROMS(Ocean); COSMO(Atmosphere)'] ['Cluster with mostly AMD Opteron CPU nodes typically using 256 cores. PGI compiler'] ['Marex (Marine Extremes); Chirp 2 (c2sm)']
14 Royal Netherlands Meteorological Institute (KNMI) Netherlands OASIS3-MCT ['IFS; NEMO; Cama-Flood; TM5; LPJ-GUESS'] ["ECMWF's HPCF (Cray XC30)"] ['CRESCENDO; PRIMAVERA; CMIP6 (o.a. AerChemMIP); SPECS; Ozone_cci']
15 SHOM France OASIS-MCT_2.0; OASIS-MCT_3.0 ['HYCOM 2D and 3D (downscaling); HYCOM / WW3 coupling '] ['Meteo-France platform Bull'] ['Aquarium (SHOM) platform; Cluster Dell PowerEdge (Proc. SandyBridge 16 coeurs)']
16 Met Office United Kingdom OASIS3-MCT(vn3.0); OASIS3-MCT (vn2.0); OASIS3 ['UM (atmosphere including JULES land surface etc); NEMO (+XIOS) + CICE + MEDUSA (ocean biogeochemistry); UM-UKCA (atmos chemistry); Wavewatch III (wave model); BICICLES (ice sheet model - while not coupled directly via OASIS3-MCT; it will be involved in coupled systems which use other components which do use OASIS3-MCT)'] ['Cray XC40; Linux workstations (for small toy systems)'] ['CMIP6; PRIMAVERA; UKCP18']
17 Ifremer France oasis3 with mct 2.8 ['WW3; MARS; MesoNH'] ['Linux'] ['WAVEWATCHIII']
18 Deutscher Wetterdienst Germany OASIS 3 ['COSMO-CLM; NEMO'] ['Loewe-CSC computing system; that is an intel computer'] ['Assessing the impact of the North and Baltic Seas on the climate of central Europe']
19 Helmholtz-Zentrum Geesthacht Germany OASIS3-MCT2.0 ['COSMO-CLM; NEMO-Nordic(_LIM3); TRIMNP; CICE'] ['Linux'] ['REKLIM']
20 Institute for Atmospheric and Environmental Sciences Goethe University Frankfurt am Main Germany Germany OASIS3-MCT3 ['COSMO/CLM (Atmospheric model); NEMO (Ocean model)'] ['Linux on Intel Machine '] ['HyMex; Miklip2']
21 BTU Cottbus-Senftenberg Germany OASIS3-MCT_2 ['COSMO-CLM; MPIESM'] ['IBM power6; now starting on Atos/Bull at DKRZ and cray XC30 at HLRN Berlin/Hannover'] []
22 LOCEAN-IPSL France OASIS3 (pseudo parallel) ['NEMO; ECHAM5'] ['ada (IDRIS)'] ['National Monsoon Mission (India; PI : P. Terray) ']
23 LOCEAN-IPSL France OASIS3-MCT v2 ['NEMO; WRF'] ['Curie (TGCC)'] ['PULSATION (ANR; PI : S. Masson; finished Jan 2016)']
24 UCLA US OASIS3-MCT v2 ['CROCO (ex ROMS-AGRIF); WRF'] ['Curie (TGCC)'] ['Collaborative Research: EaSM-3: Modeling; Understanding; and Prediction of Coastal Climate (NFS; PI: Lionel Renault)']
25 CNRS-CERFACS France OASIS3.3 ['ARPEGE: representing the atmosphere ', 'SURFEX: representing the land-surface ', 'NEMO: representing the ocean ', 'GELATO: representing the sea-ice ', 'TRIP: representing the river routing ', 'in the coupled model CNRM-CM5'] ['NEC (tori), BULL (Beaufix at Meteo-France and Neptune at Cerfacs, intel compiler), Cluster Lenovo (Nemo at Cerfacs, Intel compiler) '] ['CMIP5, MORDICUS, PREFACE']
26 CERFACS France OASIS3-MCT ['ARPEGE v5.3 : representing the atmosphere', 'NEMO v3.4 : representing the ocean', 'in the high resolution coupled model CERFACS-HR'] ['Marenostrum (IBM at Barcelona Supercomputing Centre), Beaufix (BULL at Meteo-France)'] ['SPECS']
27 MPI-M Germany OASIS3-MCT ['ECHAM6 : for the atmosphere', 'MPIOM : for the ocean', 'in the STORM configuration of MPI-ESM'] [] []
28 MPI-M Germany OASIS3-MCT ['ECHAM6: for the atmosphere', 'MPIOM/HAMOCC : for the ocean', 'in the RAPS configuration of MPI-ESM'] [] []
29 BTU Germany OASIS3-MCT ['COSMO/CLM v4 : for regional atmosphere', 'ECHAM : for global atmosphere', 'in the regional/global two way nesting coupling at BTU'] [] []
30 BTU Germany OASIS3-MCT ['COSMO-CLM v4: regional atmosphere', 'ECHAM: global atmosphere', 'MPIOM : global ocean', 'in the regional-global atm/global ocn coupling at BTU'] [] []
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