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Past Dedicated User Support offered through IS-ENES 1

Past implementations performed through IS-ENES 1

Within IS-ENES1, personal technical help was proposed to implement new coupled models or improve existing configurations based on the OASIS coupler. IS-ENES2 does explicitly fund such dedicated support but specific help is still possible through contracts established directly with Cerfacs.

The support was provided to 8 different laboratories for the following technical tasks:

  • Interfacing new models with OASIS (COSMO atmosphere, CLM land surface...)
  • Coupling interface upgrade to OASIS3-MCT
  • Interpolation/transformation choices
  • High Resolution coupled model optimization (operational configurations, including eddy resolving global ocean ...)
  • MPP coupled configuration tuning (with up to O(1000) processors, load balancing, OASIS/models synchronization ... )
  • Regionalglobal/regional configuration coupling or including zoom

This service excluded the scientific development, tuning, analysis and evaluation of the coupled model components themselves and of the coupled model as a whole.

Provided by Cerfacs, this service was available to any climate research laboratory in Europe.

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