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All relevant informations for OASIS3-MCT and OASIS3 users can be found here.
  • Documentation provides access the the OASIS User Guides.
  • A project management site (under Redmine) exists for OASIS3-MCT where users can browse the sources and consult tickets describing bug fixes and developments. Please register (see "Register" at the right top of the page) to get a login and a password.
  • Getting Started with OASIS gives a summary of the different steps to make in order to build a coupled model with OASIS.
  • Tutorials contains detailed explanation on how to compile and run the tutorial and test_interpolation toy coupled models, which sources are distributed with the sources.
  • Trainings : General training sessions are organized twice a year.
  • Dedicated User Support :  It is possible to benefit from personal technical help to implement new coupled models or improve existing configurations. Groups interested should contact CERFACS directly.
  • Platforms gives a overview of the platforms where the couplers were compiled and ran.
  • OASIS coupled models describes some users' coupled models.

If you do not find the answer to a specific question in these pages, please have a look at the FAQ. If you still do not find the answer to your question or if you want to report a bug you have identified, please contact us here.
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