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OASIS3-MCT_4.0 official release

We are pleased to let you know that a new official version of the OASIS coupler, OASIS3-MCT_4.0, is now ready!
This new version specifically includes, in particular:
  • A hybrid MPI+OpenMP parallelisation of the SCRIP library (previously fully sequential) leading to great reduction in the offline calculation time of the remapping weights; 
  • A new communication method, using the remapping weights to define the intermediate mapping decomposition, offering a significant gain at run time;
  • New methods introduced in the global CONSERV operation reducing its costs by one order of magnitude while still ensuring an appropriate level of reproducibility;
  • Support for bundle coupling fields;
  • Automatic coupling restart writing ;
  • … and other minor functionalities for you to discover (see section B.1 of the User Guide for more details).
To obtain OASIS3-MCT_4.0, please go to the OASIS web site (http://oasis.enes.org) under Download and fill  the registration form to obtain instructions on how to download the sources. Only important bug fixes will be included in OASIS3-MCT_4.0 until the next official release. 
To follow OASIS3-MCT developments in real-time, register to the Redmine project management site at https://inle.cerfacs.fr/projects/oasis3-mct. On this site, registered users can browse the sources and consult tickets describing bug fixes and developments. 
Please keep us informed of your progress with OASIS3-MCT and do not forget to cite the following latest reference in your paper describing your coupled model results:
A. Craig, S. Valcke, L. Coquart, 2017: Development and performance of a new version of the OASIS coupler, OASIS3-MCT_3.0, Geosci. Model Dev., 10, 3297-3308,https://doi.org/10.5194/gmd-10-3297-2017, 2017.   
If you have problems or questions, please check the forum or contact us at [Email protection active, please enable JavaScript.] .
We wish you great success with OASIS3-MCT_4.0 !
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