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OASIS3-MCT_2.0 official release

We are pleased to let you know that OASIS3-MCT_2.0, the second official version of OASIS3-MCT, is now ready !

This new version now supports:
- Bicubic and Second Order Conservative interpolations (with the gradients of the fields being provided by the models);
- Exchange of data on only a subdomain of the global grid;
- The specification of how time statistics are written out (variable TIMER_Debug) in the configuration file “namcouple”;
- And few bug fixes (memory leak in mod_oasis_getputinterface.F90, activation nearest neighbour option with  option FRACNNEI, use of restart files when one coupling field is sent to 2 targets, etc.).

All these features are described in details in the OASIS3-MCT_2.0 User Guide.

OASIS3-MCT_2.0 is the version that will now be distributed on the OASIS web site (http://oasis.enes.org) under Download (see the registration form). Only bug fixes will be included in this version until the next official release. If you are interested in following more closely the developments, please contact us!

Do not hesitate to contact us at [Email protection active, please enable JavaScript.] in case of problems or questions!

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