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OASIS User Meeting 2009

The objectives of the 2009 OASIS User Meeting held at CERFACS in Toulouse on May 25th and 26th 2009 was to gather scientists and engineers and offer them a unique opportunity to communicate on their recent results in coupled climate modelling, to detail their difficulties and successes in setting up their coupled system, and to share their view for further development of the OASIS coupler. Strategy on how to prepare climate models and the OASIS coupler in particular for the next generation of high performance computer architecture were also addressed. This meeting was organized in the framework of the IS-ENES project but everyone, involved or not in IS-ENES, was welcome to participate. The workshop was very successful thanks to the active participation of all people present. The presentations and discussions that took place during these 2 days will now help the OASIS team to identify the preferred short-, medium- and long-term developments for OASIS, quantify the work associated, and define precisely the OASIS development strategy, in particular during the IS-ENES project.


The proceedings of the 2009 OASIS User meeting are avalaible here

Agenda with links to the presentations

The OASIS User meeting took place in CERFACS, Toulouse, from Monday May 25th to Tuesday May 26th:

Monday 25th, 08h30 - 12h30 :

  • 08h30 - 09h00 : Welcome coffee
  • 09h00 - 12h30 : Session 1: OASIS3/OASIS4 tutorial

Monday 25th, 12h30 - 14h00 : On-site lunch (offered)

Monday 25th, 14h00 - 18h30 :

Monday 25th, from 20h00 on : Dinner at Restaurant Le Bon Vivre


Tuesday 26th, 09h00 - 12h00 :

Tuesday 26th, 12h30 - 13h30 : On-site lunch (offered)

Tuesday 26th, 13h30 - 17h00:



Tommi Bergman, CSC - IT

Michel Deque, Météo-France

Enrico Scoccimarro, INGV/CMC

Florence Sevault, Météo-France

Aurore Voldoire, Météo-France

Uwe Fladrich, SMHI

Eric Maisonnave, CERFACS

Richard Hill, Met Office

Vincent Pel, Cray

Italo Epicoco, CMCC

Silvia Mocavero, CMCC

Laure Coquart, CERFACS

Pier Giuseppe Fogli, Centro Euro-Mediterraneo per i Cambiamenti Climatici

Rene Redler, NLE-IT

Kerstin Fieg, Alfred Wegener Institute

Twan van Noije, KNMI

Jing-Jia Luo, Frontier Research Center for Global Change, JAMSTEC

Daohua (Dave) Bi, CSIRO

Shuting Yang, Danish Meteorological Institute

Wataru Sasaki, JAMSTEC

Andreas Sterl, KNMI

Hubert Ritzdorf, NEC Europe Ltd.

Antonella Sanna, CMCC

Shiyu Wang, Met Eireann

Alastair Mc Kinstry, Irish Centre for High-End Computing

Kristian Mogensen, ECMWF

Kamal Puri, CAWCR

Reinhard Budich, MPI for Meteorology

Luc Giraud, INPT-INRIA

Veronika Gayler Max Planck Institute for Meteorology

Arnaud Caubel, IPSL

Luis Kornblueh, Max-Planck-Institut für Meteorologie

Mathis Rosenhauer, Max-Planck-Institut für Meteorologie

Olivier Marti, IPSL

Sébastien Masson, LOCEAN-IPSL

Jean-Claude André, CERFACS

Jean Latour, CERFACS

Sophie Valcke, CERFACS

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