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Src and dst options of MAPPING

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Src and dst options of MAPPING

Posted by Laure Coquart at November 06. 2013

Dear Irina,

Eric Maisonnave told us that he had a discussion with you in Hamburg about the src and dst options of MAPPING.

The bit reproductibility is independant of src or dst. The bit reproductibility of the results is linked to the bfb option.
By default src and bfb are the two options of MAPPING (see the documentation http://www.cerfacs.fr/oa4web/oasis3-mct/oasis3mct_UserGuide/node41.html).
If you want to do the remapping on the target grid with bit reproductibility, you have to put dst with bfb.

Concerning the routine oasis_write_restart, there will be a survey among the users to ask them which features they would like to have in oasis3-mct and we will then decide which functionalities we will develop.

Best regards,

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