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Remapping from Arpege to Nemo

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Remapping from Arpege to Nemo

Posted by Anonymous at May 29. 2015

Hi all,

I am remapping a positive field from Arpege to NEMO but I have one negative value at lon=189, lat=85.5 on the interpolated field, which corresponds to i=100 and j=281 on NEMO. This point is far from the coast, not yet at the pole, but close to the line lon=0 on Arpege. If you have any idea of what is wrong !

Thanks, Aurore

Re: Remapping from Arpege to Nemo

Posted by Anonymous at May 29. 2015

Hi Aurore,

Following Sophie advice, I had a look at the values of the longitudes of the corners for i=100 and j=281 :

ncks -d y_tor1,280 -d x_tor1,99 -v tne1.clo grids.nc

and below are the results :

crn_tor1[0] y_tor1[280] x_tor1[99] tne1.clo[101459]=-174.674220032 degree_E

crn_tor1[1] y_tor1[280] x_tor1[99] tne1.clo[207163]=-179.8744946 degree_E

crn_tor1[2] y_tor1[280] x_tor1[99] tne1.clo[312867]=178.750864424 degree_E

crn_tor1[3] y_tor1[280] x_tor1[99] tne1.clo[418571]=-176.455407546 degree_E

There is a probleme with the third corner as there is a jump of 360 deg and OASIS can not manage that. You must recalculate the corners.

Best regards, Laure

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