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Support Contacts for Models and Tools

last modified Jun 13, 2018 03:20 PM
General contacts table for European Earth System Models, NEMO ocean model, and modelling tools.

For general questions, please refer to our portal contact page.

Title Description Contact
CDO Climate Data Operators Ralf Müller
CMCC-CESM CMCC Carbon Earth System Model Pier Giuseppe Fogli
CNRM-CM5 ESM developed at Météo-France and CERFACS CNRM-CM5 contact
Cylc A Python based workflow engine Mick Carter (UK MetOffice)
EC-EARTH The EC-Earth ESM, V3 Ralf Doescher
HadGEM2 Met Office Hadley Centre ESM João Teixeira
IPSL-CM5 IPSL Earth System Model for the 5th IPCC report Marie-Alice Foujols , Arnaud Caubel
MPI-ESM ESM of the Max-Planck-Institut für Meteorologie Michael Botzet
NEMO Modelling framework for oceanographic research, operational oceanography seasonal forecast and climate studies Sébastien Masson
NorESM Norwegian Earth System Model NCC Help Desk
OASIS The OASIS coupler Sophie Valcke
XIOS XML-IO-Server Yann Meurdesoif