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Support Services on Models and Tools

last modified Apr 21, 2020 02:20 PM
IS-ENES and the ESiWACE Centre of Excellence are providing support services for European Earth system models and modelling tools. The type and level of service and whether a certain service is provided by IS-ENES3 or ESiWACE2, is detailed in the sections below.

European Earth System Models support

All European global Earth system modelling groups will maintain contact information and a basic model description on this portal ("level 1 service"). This information will be consistent with (and based upon) the data stored in the CIM data base. A higher level of service to allow researchers to make effective and efficient use of ESMs, "level 2", will be maintained by the following modelling groups for their respective models:

  • the British MetOffice for the HadGEM and UKESM models,
  • the Swedish Meteorological Institute, SMHI, for the EC-Earth model,
  • the Norwegian Meteorological Institute, met.no, and UniResearch/NORCE for the NorESM model.

They offer access to up-to-date model versions and associated documentation together with essential functional communication channels between model users and developers.

Level 1 and 2 services are provided by IS-ENES3.

NEMO ocean model support

Services on NEMO include free access (upon registration) to new releases and related documentation and to the NEMO experiment database to help users select the most appropriate set of parameters and physical packages for their ESMs. These support services will be sustained via ESiWACE.

Support for tools

IS-ENES grants the access to software tools and provides documentation and help for installation and use.

  • Climate Data Operators (CDO): CDO is a collection of about 100 post-processing functions for handling and analysing model data. Web services for CDO include free download of latest release, up-to-date documentation, FAQ, help form and forums gathering currently more than 600 contributions.
  • The OASIS3-MCT coupler: OASIS3-MCT allows synchronized exchanges of coupling information between numerical codes representing different components of the climate system. From the OASIS web site, users can download up-to-date versions of the software and  information about installation and use, documentation, tutorials, FAQ, hints for best practices and access user forums. Users can also profit from direct user support by the development team. These support services are sustained via IS-ENES and ESiWACE.

The CoE supports moreover the access and the development and maintenance of services and training activities on:

  • Meta-scheduler Cylc: Cylc ("silk") is a Python based workflow engine and meta-scheduler to manage a set of dependant tasks that need to run in a given order and deal with exceptions. Users can rely on a well-established forum to find out about and engage with Cylc and formulate specific requests via a dedicated address. A wiki page informs moreover on development goals.
  • XIOS: XIOS, or XML-IO-Server, is a library dedicated to I/O management in climate codes. XIOS manages output of diagnostics and other data produced by climate component codes into files and offers temporal and spatial post-processing operations on this data. XIOS aims at simplifying the I/O management by minimizing the number of subroutines to be called and reducing the number of arguments of these subroutines.

Data and tools for model evaluation

Evaluation toolkits for Earth System Models, developed within IS-ENES Phase 1 (2009-2013), are accessible, but not necessarily all up-to-date. 

  • HOAPS Simulator: Package developed to compare HOAPS (Hamburg Ocean Atmosphere Parameters and Fluxes from Satellite Data) satellite climatology data to climate model output.
  • AeroCom: Tool for the consistent evaluation of global aerosol models.
  • CCMval-Diag: Community diagnostic tool for chemistry-climate models evaluation.
  • MCMS: 40 years climatology of mid-latitude storminess, to contextualize model data by the presence or absence of cyclones.

A portal informing on the evaluation procedure followed by the European ESMs for the CMIP5 experiments, was developed within IS-ENES 1. The portal maintainance ceased in 2013.

SUPPORT contacts

Contact for general and specific support for models and tools.