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Support Services on Models and Tools

last modified Jun 27, 2019 02:19 PM
IS-ENES3 provides support services for European Earth system models and modelling tools.
Some additional services on Models and Tools to prepare for exascale computing are provided by the Centre of Excellence ESiWACE

European Earth System Models support

Contact information and a basic model description ("level 1 service") consistent with (and based upon) the CIM database for all European global Earth system modelling groups.

Access to up-to-date model versions and associated documentation with essential functional communication channels between model users and developers ("level 2 service"), for the following modelling groups:

  • the British MetOffice for the HadGEM and UKESM models,
  • the Swedish Meteorological Institute, SMHI, for the EC-Earth model,
  • the Norwegian Meteorological Institute, met.no, and UniResearch/NORCE for the NorESM model.

NEMO ocean model support

Contact information, access (upon registration) to up-to-date model versions and associated documentation and to the NEMO experiment database to help users select the most appropriate set of parameters and physical packages for their ESMs.

Support for tools

Active user support including web services (e.g. on-line download, installation information, tutorial, FAQs, hints for best practices, forum) and assistance through e-mails are offered for:

  • I/O management library XIOS: in addition, IS-ENES provides trainings by tool developers and expert users. These services include a guided installation and interfacing of API routines in toy models.
  • ESMVal Tool for model evaluation

SUPPORT contacts

Contact for general and specific support for models and tools.