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Software Tools

last modified Sep 03, 2015 12:26 PM
Short descriptions of a range of software tools
  • Services for CDO include running CDO helpdesk and webserver, and maintaining up-to-date documentation and FAQ on CDO home page.
  • Services for OASIS include easy access to OASIS software sources and personal help to efficiently use the software.  For details, please refer to the OASIS homepage , which also offers documentation, tutorial, FAQs and user forums.


For details, please refers to the tools homepages.

Title Description Contact Leading Institute
CDO Climate Data Operators Ralf Müller MPI-M (Germany)
Cylc A Python based workflow engine Mick Carter (UK MetOffice) NIWA (New Zealand)
OASIS The OASIS coupler Sophie Valcke CERFACS (France)
XIOS XML-IO-Server Yann Meurdesoif IPSL (France)
CEA (France)