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last modified Jun 15, 2021 04:46 PM
A Python based workflow engine

Support Services


Support services for Cylc are provided by IS-ENES3 and ESiWACE2.

Within IS-ENES3, those services include (i) support in initial decision making and planning, (ii) remote support via email or the cylc online forum and hands-on remote problem analysis where this is possible, (iii) consultancy to encourage best practice and support adoption of good suite design and (iv) enhancements to the documentation (including training material) based on community feedback.

Within ESiWACE2, technical help is offered to upgrade or enhance use of Cylc. 6 PMs of such support will be offered over the project duration.

Anyone looking for support in using or evaluating Cylc is invited to contact the Met Office ([Email protection active, please enable JavaScript.]) to discuss their specific requirements.

If you have any general questions about Cylc you are encouraged to use the Cylc forum (https://cylc.discourse.group/).

Tool Description

Cylc ("silk") is a Python based workflow engine and meta-scheduler to manage a set of dependant tasks that need to run in a given order and deal with exceptions.

The development priorities have been agreed on with IS-ENES and are available here .

For further details please visit the Cylc homepage.



Most of these information have been collected from Cylc´s homepage .They have been last updated on Jun 15, 2021