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last modified Apr 26, 2019 11:41 AM
European Earth System Models and their environment

Simulation results can be interpreted only in the light of the simulation software used. Models do not only represent and embody the underlying mental model, they are also tools to test and analyze new hypotheses.

Consistent information on models as to highlight their similarities and differences, as well as evaluation criteria and variables as to estimate their applicability range, are thus essential building blocks of the scientific dialog.

To describe the essential details of model, experiment and simulation leading to each resulting dataset, the METAFOR project developed the Common Information Model (CIM), a comprehensive metadata scheme.

IS-ENES collects and provides information on the European Earth System Models, on the ocean modelling platform NEMO, and on commonly used software tools and offers a blend of support services on models and modelling tools. Additional support services are offered by the project ESiWACE.

Earth System Modelling groups

develop models that include a full representation of the atmosphere circulation coupled to the oceans, sea ice and land surfaces.

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NEMO is the ocean component model used in 5 of the 7 European ESMs and also used in stand-alone mode in many oceanographic studies.

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Software Tools

The simulation process requires not only models to represent the scientific processes, but also tools to post- and preprocess data and to exchange them among model components.

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Support services

IS-ENES offers special support for the CMIP5 ESMs, the ESM tools CDO and OASIS and the NEMO ocean model. Additional support services are offered by ESiWACE.

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