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last modified Sep 24, 2020 04:01 PM
UKESM model of NERC (Natural Environment Research Council) and the UK Met Office

The Met Office Hadley Centre (MOHC) provides climate science and services to help people and organisations stay safe, well and prosperous. We do this by working with partners around the globe to carry out world leading research. This science is used for services which are developed together with end-users to find the most effective approach to managing climate risk.

The UKESM project is a collaboration between NERC and the Met Office, to develop, apply and analyse the next generation of UK Earth system models (ESMs). UKESM has two overriding objectives:

  • To develop and apply a world-leading Earth System Model.
  • Grow a community of UK ESM scientists.

The UKESM core team, was established in 2013, jointly funded by NERC and the Met Office builds on other projects developing component models in the UK modelling community.

The project will run from 2013-2021. It has delivered the first version of the model, UKESM1, which is being used for the UK’s ESM contribution to the next international coupled model intercomparison project (CMIP6).

The renewed UKESM Long Term Science Multi-centre (LTSM) project is now formed by the MetOffice plus 8 NERC-funded centres: NCAS, BAS, BGS, CEH, CPOM, NCEO, NOC and PML. UKESM LTSM funds the NERC component of the core group plus a number of NERC centre scientists to work on the development and analysis of UKESM1.

Main model components

  • MetUM-HadGEM3-GA7.1: atmosphere
  • NEMO-HadGEM3-GO6.0: ocean
  • UKCA-StratTrop: atmospheric chemistry
  • UKCA-GLOMAP-mode: aerosols
  • JULES-ES-1.0: land
  • MEDUSA2: ocean biogeochemistry
  • CICE-HadGEM3-GSI8: sea-ice

ES-DOC model descriptions