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last modified Sep 24, 2020 03:52 PM
NorESM2 model of NCC (Norwegian Climate Center)

The Norwegian Earth System Model version 2 (NorESM2) is the second generation of model developed by the Norwegian Climate Centre (NCC) and has provided data to the ongoing 6th phase of the of the Coupled Model Intercomparison Project. NorESM2 the successor to the NorESM1 model that was used for delivering data to CMIP5. A general description of the model is given in a paper submitted for Geophysical Model Development at present time available as a discussion paper (Seland et al. 2020).

NorESM2 is based on the Community Earth System CESM2 but with a number of important differences. NorESM2 use a different ocean physical model, BLOM; ocean biogeochemistry model, iHAMOCC (Tjiputra et al 2020) ;alternative aerosol module and independent modifications of convective and energy processes in the atmosphere (CAM6-Nor).

NorESM2 data as provided to CMIP6 comes from two model versions with different resolutions in the atmosphere and land component of the model. Nominal 2 degree (NorESM2-LM) and nominal 1 degree (NorESM2-MM). Both model resolutions have been tuned and documented in order to be independent model versions with respect to CMIP6.

The NorESM consortium group consists of institutions with members in the NorESM developers group:


Main model components

  • CAM6-Nor: the atmosphere model
  • BLOM: the ocean model
  • iHAMMOC: the ocean biogeochemistry model
  • CICE: the sea-ice model
  • CML5: the land model
  • CIME: the coupler


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