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last modified May 14, 2020 03:18 PM
IPSL Earth System Model for the 5th IPCC report

Name: IPSL-CM5
Contact: Marie-Alice Foujols , Arnaud Caubel
Homepage: cmc.ipsl.fr
Component models used
LMDz: representing the atmosphere
NEMO: representing the ocean
ORCHIDEE: representing the continental surfaces and vegetation
INCA: representing the atmospheric chemistry
REPROBUS: representing the stratospheric chemistry
Model versions (CIM views)
IPSL-CM5A-LR : Low resolution
IPSL-CM5A-MR : Medium resolution
IPSL-CM5B-LR : New atmospherical physic at low resolution

Support Services

Level 1: Contact person and maintenance of the ESM description on this portal, using the CIM metadata format.

Model Description

IPSL-CM5 is developed by IPSL, includes 5 component models representing the Earth System climate and its carbon cycle: LMDz (atmosphere), NEMO (ocean, oceanic biogeochemistry and sea-ice), ORCHIDEE (continental surfaces and vegetation), and INCA (atmospheric chemistry), coupled through OASIS. IPSL modelling system also includes an I/O library (IOIPSL), an assembling and  compiling environment (modipsl), an execution environment (libIGCM) and a set of post-processing tools. IPSLESM, available in different configurations at different resolutions, is in permanent evolution to reflect state-of-the-art numerical climate science. 80 IPSLESM users are registered in IPSL and associates laboratories while about 200 persons use one or more components separately. IPSL-CM5 is used in about 50 European projects and more than 550 projects access its IPCC result database.


Most of these information have been collected from IPSL-CM5´s homepage .They have been last updated on May 14, 2020