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last modified Sep 15, 2015 01:03 PM
The EC-Earth ESM, V3

Contact: Ralf Doescher
Homepage: www.ec-earth.org
Component models used
IFS: representing the atmosphere
NEMO: representing the ocean
LIM: representing the sea-ice
HTESSEL: representing the continental surfaces and vegetation
TM5: representing the atmospheric chemistry
Model versions (CIM views)
EC-Earth : base model

Support Services

Level 1: Contact person and maintenance of the ESM description on this portal, using the CIM metadata format.

Level 2: Assistance for accessing, porting and running EC-EARTH climate model - limited to ECMWF consortium members.

Model Description

EC-EARTH release 2 is developed by the EC-Earth consortium, gathering a number of national weather services and universities from currently 11 countries in Europe. EC-Earth component models are IFS for the atmosphere, NEMO for the ocean, and LIM for the sea-ice, coupled through OASIS. More components and plans for incorporation are under development. EC-Earth current users include KNMI , SMHI , MetÉireann , DMI, Meteorologisk Institutt, and ETH Zürich.

EC-Earth is used in coordinated model intercomparison projects (e.g. CMIP5 and the upcoming CMIP6) to make projections and predictions of near-term and end-of-the-century climate change and variability. The data is downscaled to a local level for Climate Services by partners in different European countries (notably the Netherlands, Sweden, Denmark, Italy, Spain, Ireland). Also many sensitivity studies are conducted.

Stand-alone version :


PrepIFS version :


Other ESM documentation :

Developments of the EC-Earth model:

Report about problems and bugs that have been solved:


EC-Earth Version 2.3 is used in CMIP5. An ESM version of EC-Earth, V2.4, has been released as well. A new version, V3 is in development as basis for CMIP6. It is based on the seasonal forecast system 4 of ECMWF and NEMO V3.

As part of the level 2 services KNMI offers help to external partners with obtaining data of the EC-Earth V2.3 coordinated simulations, in particular for downscaling for regional climate models. EC-Earth is used in a wide consortium on different High Performance Computing Systems. KNMI offers assistance with porting officially released versions to HPC systems of partners in the consortium. KNMI offers advice for setting up specific sensitivity experiments by perturbing initial or boundary conditions or parameterizations.

A short course on using EC-Earth and processing output of EC-Earth is offered to starting users of EC-Earth. It is a 2-day course which is given once a year where users set up a standard simulation, compile the code and process the output.

Every 9 months the EC-Earth consortium gathers to discuss progress and development of the model system.

Most of these information have been collected from EC-EARTH´s homepage .They have been last updated on Sep 15, 2015