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last modified Feb 12, 2016 04:07 PM
CMCC Carbon Earth System Model

Contact: Pier Giuseppe Fogli
Homepage: www.cmcc.it
Projects, the model is/was used in
Component models used
NEMO(OPA8.2): representing the ocean
ECHAM5: representing the atmosphere
LIM2: representing the sea-ice
PELAGOS: representing the ocean biogeochemistry
SILVA: representing the terrestrial vegetation
Model versions (CIM views)
CMCC-CESM : CMCC Carbon Earth System Model
CMCC-CM : CMCC Climate Model
CMCC-CMS : CMCC Climate Model with a resolved Stratosphere

Support Services

Level 1: Contact person and maintenance of the ESM description on this portal, using the CIM metadata format.

Model Description

The physical core model of CMCC ESM is a coupled atmosphere ocean general circulation model, composed of ECHAM5 atmosphere, NEMO (OPA8.2) for ocean, and LIM2 for sea-ice models. The OASIS coupler is used to exchange the relevant fields. The carbon cycle module includes the SILVA terrestrial vegetation model and the PELAGOS marine biogeochemistry model.

Most of these information have been collected from CMCC-CESM´s homepage .They have been last updated on Feb 12, 2016