ENES HPC Task Force

ENES has set an HPC Task Force (HPC-TF) to gather and express community needs and to organize the community around HPC issues.

The ENES HPC Task Force aims to advice the ENES Board on all issues relevant to High Performance Computing for the European climate modelling community, such as those related to the use of the European HPC ecosystem, in particular with regards to the PRACE European facility, and issues related to software developments. The ENES Task Force is serving projects like, today, IS-ENES3 and ESiWACE2. It has recently been extended to include issues related to Numerical Weather Prediction (NWP)

The ENES HPC-TF is consulted on issues such as:

  • Providing input on HPC requirements for the update of the ENES infrastructure strategy
  • Proposing ENES responses to PRACE requests on needs
  • Developing the ENES-PRACE collaboration
  • Following and advising on ENES involvement in HPC projects (e.g., EU or G8 calls)
  • Advising on ENES letters of support related to projects dealing with HPC

The HPC-TF also:

  • Follows the PRACE projects involving the ENES community
  • Helps develop technology tracking with regards to future computing
  • Follows exascale international issues
  • Helps develop collaboration with vendors

Members of ENES HPC-TF are, as of July 2022:

  • Fanny Adloff (DKRZ)
  • Giovanni Aloisio (CMCC)
  • Jean-Claude AndrĂ© (Cerfacs) - CHAIR
  • Peter Bauer (ECMWF)
  • Mauro Bianco (CSCS)
  • Joachim Biercamp (DKRZ)
  • Reinhard Budich (MPI-Met)
  • Francisco Doblas-Reyes (BSC)
  • Italo Epicoco (CMCC)
  • Uwe Fladrich (SMHI)
  • Sylvie Joussaume (IPSL)
  • Bryan Lawrence (NCAS)
  • Olivier Marti (IPSL)
  • Antonio Navarra (CMCC)
  • Graham Riley (University of Manchester)
  • Jean-Christophe Rioual (Met Office)
  • Kim Serradell (BSC)
  • Sophie Valcke (Cerfacs)
  • Pier Luigi Vidale (NCAS)