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last modified May 20, 2019 09:49 AM
Earth System Documentation

Earth System Documentation (ES-DOC) offers services for metadata search, comparison, and creation obeying CIM standard (Common Information Model). It provides an environment to document the modelling workflow and WGCM and the WIP have tasked ES-DOC with documenting all aspects of CMIP6.

Building on CIM concepts, the following documents (in bold) are created for the CMIP6 Project, as illustrated on the figure below. A Simulation is a run of a configured Model which has Conformance to the numerical requirements of an Experiment, runs on a Machine with an HPC Performance and produces output Datasets (archived on ESGF). An Ensemble is a set of Simulations whose Axis Members describe how the simulations differ. A Party describes a person or organization involved in the modeling process and a published reference is recorded in a Citation. The documentation can be reached both from ESGF and via the ES-DOC search.