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European ESGF Data Nodes

last modified Dec 02, 2019 03:01 PM

European ESGF Data Nodes

The European ESGF Data Nodes host the data of the ENES data federation. Currently most of the data is related to CMIP and CORDEX. New ESGF data nodes are constanty implemented in the course of the IS-ENES project.

List of the European ESGF data nodes (core nodes, also hosting replica data, are highlighted):

esgf-data3.ceda.ac.uk contact: Alan Iwi, alan.iwi(AT)stfc.ac.uk 

esgf1.dkrz.de contact: Katharina Berger, esgf(AT)dkrz.de

esgf2.dkrz.de contact: Katharina Berger, esgf(AT)dkrz.de

esgf3.dkrz.de contact: Katharina Berger, esgf(AT)dkrz.de 

vesg.ipsl.polytechnique.fr contact: Guillaume Levavasseur, guillaume.levavasseur(AT)ipsl.fr 

vesg.ipsl.upmc.fr contact: Guillaume Levavasseur, guillaume.levavasseur(AT)ipsl.fr 

cordexesg.dmi.dk contact: Ole Bøssing Christensen, obc(AT)dmi.dk

data.meteo.unican.es  contacts:

Ezequiel Cimadevilla, ezequiel.cimadevilla(AT)unican.es

Antonio S. Cofiño, antonio.cofino(AT)unican.es

esg-dn1.nsc.liu.se contact: Prashanth Dwarakanath, esg-admin(AT)nsc.liu.se

esg.pik-potsdam.de contact: Matthias Büchner, buechner(AT)pik-potsdam.de

esg1.umr-cnrm.fr contact: Eric Gerbier, eric.gerbier(AT)meteo.fr

esgf-node.cmcc.it contact: Giuseppe Calo, esgf(AT)cmcc.it

esgf-node2.cmcc.it contact: Giuseppe Calo, esgf(AT)cmcc.it

esgf.bsc.es contact: Pierre-Antoine Bretonnière, pierre-antoine.bretonniere(AT)bsc.es

esgf.dwd.de contact: Gerrit Keller, gerrit-mathis.keller(AT)dwd.de

prodn.idris.fr contact: Agnes Ansari, Agnes.Ansari(AT)idris.fr