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Data processing tools for experienced users

last modified May 20, 2019 09:49 AM
Advance data processing functionalities within the ENES data infrastructure.

Attention: this page is currently under development - information will be updated soon.

ESMValTool A software for model diagnostics and evaluation. ESMValTool facilitates the characterization of CMIP Diagnostic, Evaluation and Characterization of Klima (DECK) and historical simulations. It is currently implemented in the back-end data processing of the Copernicus Climate Data Store (CDS). Web accessible processing capabilities are under development within the ENES infrastructure project IS-ENES3. Information on available derived data products for the CMIP6 can be found here.

Indice Calculation CLIMate (ICCLIM) A software being developed as a back-end tool for the Climate4Impact portal as well as being used to generate climate indices for CMIP6.

Climate Data Operators (CDO) A collection of command line operators to manipulate and analyze climate and numerical weather prediction model data. Supported data formats are GRIB 1/2, NetCDF 3/4, SERVICE, EXTRA and IEG.

ENES Climate Analytics Service (ECAS) A server-side data analytics environment built with Jupyter, European Open Science Cloud (EOSC) services, and practical user cases. ECAS allows users to direct access large model data pools, as the CMIP result experiments, and remotely process institution hosted data from their laptop without the need of data download or software installation.

Birdhouse A software framework containing a collection of web processing services. Birdhouse supports institutions to customize the implementation of processing services allowing users to remotely process the institution hosted data from their laptop. It is developed as an open source project that follows the Open Geospatial Consortium standards. It delivers access to hosted processing to the Copernicus Climate Change Service CP4CDS project, among others.