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Climate4Impact Portal

last modified May 03, 2019 11:00 AM
A portal and platform of services for the climate change impact community

Climate4Impact is a portal and platform for the climate change impact community:

  • targeting climate change impact modellers, impact and adaptation consultants, as well as other experts using climate change data;
  • providing access to data and quick looks of Global and Regional Climate Models as well as some downscaled higher resolution climate data;
  • providing remote data processing capabilities without the need of downloading input data;
  • covering several themes:

Agriculture, Forestry, Energy, Health, Infrastructure, Urban, Tourism, Water Management, Marine, Coastal, Nature, and Biodiversity.

Climate4Impact is being developed as part of the ENES data infrastructure (IS-ENES) project. Find more on the Climate4Impact IS-ENES support services here.