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Support Contacts for Data and Metadata

last modified Jun 13, 2018 03:19 PM

In case you have problems with ESGF data:

  • Please consult the brief instructions for access to CMIP5 or CORDEX data
  • Browse through our search and download pages and the ESGF/CoG User Tutorials.
  • For generic, technical and scientific questions, please contact esgf-user <at> lists.llnl.gov
    Attention: This email list is not an internal one. Do not send passwords!
    The list can be used without subscription. If you want to subscribe, send an email to listserv <at> listserv.llnl.gov. The subject should be blank. The body should contain the following only:

    Subscribe esgf-user


ESGF aggregated RSS feed provides continuous information about ESGF data.