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Support Contacts for Data and Metadata Services

last modified Dec 10, 2019 02:21 PM
General contacts table for ENES Data and Metadata Services

 For general questions, please refer to our portal contact page.

Title Description Contact
ESGF Earth System Grid Federation user support

Emailing list

European ESGF node contacts

IPCC-DCC Data Distribution Center Contact list of managers
WDCC World Data Center for Climate long-term archival data(at)dkrz.de with subject "WDCC"
Climate4Impact Portal dedicated to the climate impact community Contact Form
ESMValTool Derived Data Products
Analysis Platforms Server-side capabilities for multi-model comparison
ES-DOC Model documentation and Metadata Services
CF Climate and Forecast for file metadata Emailing list
Data Request Requirements for CMIP model data martin.juckes(at)stfc.ac.uk with subject "[CMIP6 Data Request]"
Data Publication Citation and quality control data(at)dkrz.de with Subject "WDCC"