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Script Based Download

Access to data in the ENES data federation from the Linux or MacOSX command line of your computer

To automatically access collections of files you have the option to download a Wget script from one of the ESGF portals.

!! This option is only valid for Linux or Mac operating systems !!

If you work behind a firewall, port 7512 (TCP) must be open.

Please perform the following steps:

  • Login on one of the portals and add data to your DataCart
  • Unless you are already registered, become member in the right access control group(s) for the data you need
  • Download is limited to 1000 files per script. Optional but helpful: Reduce the number of files with the text filter function. Without the following sub-steps you will create a download script for whole datasets with all variables and that maybe many!
    • In "My Data Cart" fill in the names of the variables you need into the text field (step 1)
    • Click on "Apply" (step 2)

Text field for file selection in ESGF DataCart

  • Select "WGET Script"
  • You will get a browser notification to download a file called similar to "wget-some_long_number.sh". Press OK to download.
  • Optional but helpful: You may edit your script with a text editor. Delete lines with download files you don't need
  • Execute the script:
    • If you have Oracle Java 1.7+, use the default script call
bash wget-some_long_number.sh
    • Else try -H option
bash wget-some_long_number.sh -H
  • You will be asked for your OpenID and password. The script now contacts the portal where you are registered to retrieve security information
  • Your download now starts - take a coffee

More detailed information can be found in the CoG User Tutorial Downloading data using ESGF Wget scripts.