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CORDEX Data Access

last modified Dec 09, 2019 12:03 PM
Introductory instructions

    Search: On the home page of an ESGF portal click on "Search with options". Select Project CORDEX and use all the search categories you need, for example:

    Type of simulation (experiment design), e.g. "rcp45" (Representative Concentration Pathway with 4.5 W/m² radiative forcing, scenario: 2006-2100)
    Variable Abbreviations. A three-digit number at the end of the variable name denotes the pressure level in hPa, e.g. ta850 for air temperature at the 850 hPa level.
    CF Standard Name Variable names following the Climate and Forecast convention
    Ensemble r1i1p1, r2i1p1, r3i1p1 and r12i1p1 are ensemble members in the driving global model calculation. r is an abbreviation for realization (starting point of the calculation), i for initialisation method and p for physics version. r0i0p0 denotes time-independent, e.g. orographical data.
    Domain Region and grid, e.g. EUR-44 (Europe, native 0.44° RCM grid, rotated pole projection) and EUR-44i (Europe, regular 0.5° grid with interpolated results). Specification and  maps
    Driving Model The underlying global model

    Metadata are shown without registration. Simply click on "Show Metadata" in the search result.

    Registration: Before you can download data you have to register.

    • To become an ESGF user click on "Create Account". Take down the OpenID after sending the registration form. You will need it for logging in. Your account is immediately active. Don't wait for a confirmation.
    • For CORDEX data access you will also need the membership in one of the following data access control groups: CORDEX Research (registration) or CORDEX Commercial (registration). Which data are available for unrestricted use and which may only be used for non-commercial purposes is listed in the CORDEX Models overview. Group membership is also offered when you first try a download via HTTPServer link, see below; then you will automatically be guided to the following Group Registration Request page:

     CORDEX Group Registration Request page


      • Click on "Show Files" to expand a dataset in the search results.
      • Click on "HTTPServer" to the right of the file you want to download.

      Linux and Mac users may also download data via Wget script, which allows download of many files with one command.

      ESGF user tutorials and FAQS.

      General information on CORDEX DATA (structure, errata, forcing, citation).