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Search and Download Model Data via ESGF

last modified Aug 24, 2016 11:35 AM

Web-based data search and download

With the help of a web browser you can search the ESGF and download climate data. This is the simplest way to use the ESGF and is recommended for beginners. The following project-specific pages give additional information concerning search categories and required membership in a data access control group:

CMIP5 specific

CORDEX specific

Script-based download

For users who need many data we offer download scripts. The so-called "Wget scripts" (UNIX Shell scripts that use Wget) can be run under Linux or Mac OSX. Up to 1000 data files can be downloaded with one script. 

Browsing data, cutting out a region and format conversion via OPeNDAP

ESGF & OPeNDAP offer data in text format and the binary format DODS. With OPeNDAP a specific period or spatial region can be selected. Browsing of the attributes in the NetCDF file header is possible without logging in. Via OPeNDAP, users may even access data using own software.

URL-based data search

URL-based or script-based data search is powerful but much more complicated than web-based search. Search commands are sent as part of an URL. URL-based search is only exceptionally used by end users, for example if web based search does not work (in China) or if the limit of 1000 download files for wget scripts shall be enlarged.

Synchronisation of data with Synda

Synda is mainly used by data managers but there are also end users who like to use Synda for data downloads from ESGF.


You want to write your own Python script? The esgf-pyclient package contains an interface to the ESGF Search API and a help function for login. Data access is possible via OPeNDAP.