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ENES Climate Analytics Service (ECAS)

last modified Jul 25, 2018 10:13 AM
The ENES Climate Analytics Service (ECAS) allows end-users to perform server-side processing on climate data


The ENES Climate Analytics Service (ECAS) is a server-side processing service offered to ENES users with current cluster installations at CMCC and DKRZ. ECAS offers a virtual work environment based on Jupyter notebooks, allowing you to process and analyse data using Python. Support for fast computations is provided via the Ophidia data analytics framework. The service is free for use by ENES users at the current installations at DKRZ and CMCC.

ECAS will be integrated with other e-infrastructure services to become part of the European Open Science Cloud in the frame of the EOSC-hub project.

CMCC service information

DKRZ service information

General information

The documentation on the Ophidia framework websites contain starter tutorials, descriptions of all processing operators and example workflows.