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CMIP5 QC Metadata

last modified Aug 26, 2016 06:02 PM
Metadata related to the CMIP5 quality check process

The CMIP5 quality check process generates additional metadata:

QC status and QC results for CMIP5 experiments

As soon as experiments have entered the QC Level 2 they show up on the QC Result list

with the following status codes:

  • QCL2_started: QC Level 2 checks are ongoing.
  • QCL2_assigned: QC Level 2 is assigned to the experiment.
  • QCL3_started: QC Level 3 checks are ongoing.
  • QCL3_assigned: QC Level 3 is assigned to the experiment and the data is DOI published according to the DataCite regulations [http://datacite.org/]. This data, its basic metadata and its DOI are persistent.
  • QCL1: The data of the experiment is withdrawn and waiting for a QC Level 2 check restart.


CIM quality control metadata documents

As soon as CMIP5 experiments have passed the QC process CIM metadata documents are generated to make QC information available via e.g. es-doc.

    The QC CIM document atom feed (Attention: This feed contains more than 30000 notes! Use a tool. Firefox will need several minutes to show the feed.)

      DOI data citation information

      The final step in the QC process includes the generation of persistent citation information, via the assignment of DOIs. Citation information is provided for data aggregations of a whole CMIP5 experiment from a certain model. To retrieve the citation information for a specific CMIP5 dataset you downloaded you can use the

        CMIP5 citation service


          For this you need the tracking_id, which is part of the header of the CMIP5 files you downloaded. You can extract this tracking_id, e.g. by using the 'ncdump -h' tool or any other tool to read netcdf file headers.





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