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Support services for data providers

last modified May 02, 2019 06:45 PM

 Attention: this page is currently under development - information will be updated soon.

ENES infrastructure project (IS-ENES) provides to data producers and managers tools and information on the quality of the datasets hosted at the ESGF portals.

Data Ingestion

Except replications, which are treated differently, these are the ESGF data ingestion steps.

Data Quality

The Quality Assurance tool QA-DKRZ checks conformance of meta-data of climate simulations given in NetDCF format with CF Conventions, CORDEX, CMIP5 and 6 conventions and rules.

Data Citation

The World Data Center for Climate WDCC offers the ENES community the assignment of a DataCite DOI for model data citation to long-term archived data. DOI assignment is combined with further quality checks. Find specific information on the CORDEX Data Citation process.

Data Download and Synchronization

Synda is the software to download and (one-way) synchronize local data repositories with data hosted in the ENES data infrastructure, for end-users and data managers who repeatedly download large amounts of data hosted by ESGF data nodes.