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Web Portal Based Data Search and Download

last modified Jan 25, 2021 04:20 PM


The worldwide ESGF portals, the simplest way to search and download the ESGF data

 The ESGF portals provide a flexible faceted search interface, recommended for beginners:


 Search and download short tutorial

  • Use one of the web browsers in the browsers list of the ESGF FAQ.
  • If a message like "This Connection is Untrusted" appears, please add the portal to your trusted sites
  • If a message appears whether to use your credentials imported into your browser, please press "cancel"
  • In the ESGF portal containing the data of your interest (or a replica of it), select a project-specific search (if any) on the left or "Search with options" in the "Search & Download Data" box on the right

Box "Search & Download Data" on ESGF portal homepages

In the search form:

  • On the left you can select search facets (search categories, 1)
  • Press "Search" (2)

According to your selections a set of search results (list of datasets) is displayed (this tutorial shows the screenshots from the DKRZ portal; all ESGF portals display similar widgets). Metadata and file list of each dataset can be opened without registration and login.

ESGF CoG search surface

Please follow the following steps to access data via your web browser:

  • Registration: If you are a new user, select "Create Account" (3)
    • Provide your identification information (username, password, email etc.).
    • After successfull registration, please, remember your OpenID displayed, it should look like https://your_portal/esgf-idp/openid/your_user_name. You can immediately use this OpenID to log into any of the ESGF portals along with your password!
  • Download data:
    • Select the "Show Files" option to see individual data files (4)

ESGF CoG surface with search results

    • Select one of the "HTTPServer" download options (5)

.Search results with file list in the ESGF CoG surface

    • The data node offering the file requests your OpenID. Either enter your complete OpenID (6a) or use the drop-down list (6b). Press "Go" (7).

 Login to ESGF: Either type-in your complete OpenID as shown or use drop-down menu

    • Enter your password (in case you entered your OpenID) or username and password (as in the screenshot after using the drop-down list)

Enter username and password after using the drop-down menu for selection of an OpenID server

    • In case the data is under specific access control conditions, a page shows what to do to get the necessary group membership
    • A new window with your browser's download manager pops up and offers you the download of the selected file