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Data Access and Synchronization with Synda

last modified Apr 24, 2019 10:18 AM

Attention: this page is currently under development - information will be updated soon.

The Synda tool to download and (one-way) synchronize local data repositories with data hosted in the ENES data infrastructure


Synda is mainly used by data managers but there are also end users who like to use Synda for data downloads from ESGF.

Synda, previously known as Synchro-data, is intended for users and data managers who repeatedly download large amounts of data hosted by ESGF data nodes.

This software application for files download is hosted by the distributed digital repositories of the ESGF data infrastructure. It has been developed at the IPSL.


Please see the Synda homepage for detailed installation instructions.

Tool Configuration

The download of files is achieved through exploration of the ESGF data repositories governed by the configuration files, in which the user defines the search criteria for the file selection. These criteria pertain to metadata attributes used for discovery of climate data defined by Data Reference Syntax (DRS). Thus, the user can enter lists of values for variables, frequencies, experiments and ensemble numbers into a configuration file and list of models into separate files as directed by already provided templates. Before running the application, the user also needs to enter the ESGF OpenID and password that can be obtained by registering at any of the ESGF portals. This OpenID is required for the data download.


  • Files. The downloaded files are stored in the directory structure compliant with the DRS (see above). This repository is updated as search criteria are being modified - only files not already stored are downloaded.
  • Log Files. The tool creates log files protocolling the progress of downloads.
  • SQLite database. This database contains information about metadata related to downloaded files as well as the download history.


For questions on how to use Synda, please contact:

sebastien.denvil(at)ipsl.jussieu.fr or   jerome.raciazek(at)ipsl.jussieu.fr.