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URL Based Data Search on the ESGF search API

last modified Apr 24, 2019 10:17 AM


Attention: this page is currently under development - information will be updated soon.

Use URL-based search commands as part of an URL (only exceptionally used by end users).

  • useful when web based search does not work (for instance, in China) or
  • useful if the limit of 1000 download files for Wget scripts shall be enlarged.


The ESGF portals provide a uniform search REST API. This API can be directly accessed by scripting (shell, python, perl,..) as well as programming languages (java, etc.). Use via web browser is also possible, since the search commands are simply appended to the web address. A detailed description of the search API is provided in the ESGF Search RESTful API wiki page.


Here is a short summary of the search possibilities:

(please replace the server prefix http://your-esgf-portal with the prefix of the ESGF portal you would like to use, like

  • DKRZ Portal: http://esgf-data.dkrz.de
  • BADC Portal: http://esgf-index1.ceda.ac.uk
  • IPSL Portal: http://esgf-node.ipsl.upmc.fr
  • ..)


"Meta-queries" to find out about the supported search facets and keywords of the search interface:

A web browser which is able to display XML is needed.


"Concrete facet/value matching queries":


"Give me back a script to access search results directly":