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last modified Sep 18, 2019 01:24 PM


These FAQs focus on questions concerning the overall Analysis Platforms service. For questions regarding particular issues at a certain access provider, please, write to the corresponding contact support:






  • Is it possible to ask for data that are not already at the access provider's pool?

Yes, the four access providers allocated disk space for this purpose. If you do not find all the data you need, please, contact the provider(s) you are interested on for a data replication request.

  • Is it possible to use virtual machines?

Yes, the four access providers offer virtual machines capabilities. Please, contact the access provider(s) you are interested on for specifications.

  • Is it possible to access more than one provider in the same call?

 Yes, just be sure you justify it in your proposal. If one provider hosts the majority of the data you would like to use but you miss some other data, you might not need to apply for a second provider since it might be more convenient to contact the first provider for a replication request.