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last modified Aug 31, 2017 06:46 PM
ESM modelling workflows

Earth System Modelling (ESM) workflows become increasingly complex, not only due to the increasing complexity of earth system models, but also due to the increasing intricacy of existing compute and data infrastructures. Thus software environments are developed as an interface between the computing and data infrastructures and the climate modellers, supporting them to optimally use the available resources without having to deal with the technical details and complexity of the computational workflow.

Such environments include tools

  • to manage model codes and configurations,
  • to manage and schedule the different workflow steps,
  • to couple different model components,
  • to capture describing metadata and,
  • to effectively post-process the resulting data for scientific and technical purposes.


ENES fosters the common understanding of the workflow issues and the development of workflow solutions by organizing workshops and motivating information exchange on available tools and best practice.

Workflow description

A common understanding and description of the ESM workflow and its prevailing issues is needed as basis for a qualified discussion of solutions

towards a common workflow description ...

Workflow tools

Find here links and information to established tools, supporting the ESM workflow

more on workflow tools ...