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last modified May 10, 2017 11:43 AM
The performance of ESM models

To best use the available HPC resoures, the model code and structure must be optimized to run on current and future HPC systems with best performance. Yet, due to the complexity of cimate modelling systems, it is dificult to measure the actual performance of these systems, or even to define meaningful performance measures.

To realistically asses the performance of climate applications on different current and future HPC systems in the IS-ENES2 project, ENES fosters the development of a benchmark suite of real climate applications and the setup of an experiment to evaluate the computational performance of coupled Earth System Models in a systematic manner.


A suite of applications benchmarks of varying complexity ranging from simple kernels to coupled Earth System Models (ESMs) is currently being assembled within IS-ENES2 project.

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M4HR experiment

The Multi-Model Multi-Member High-Resolution experiment of the IS-ENES2 project is evaluating the efficiency by which European HPC systems are used in climate research.

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